Software development

Cybernaptics Ltd has been developing bespoke and custom software applications for over 6 years for local and international client.

Boasting solid experience in Web Application development, software development, Mobile applications and Business applications, we provide cost-effective solutions that meet your exact needs and get it to you on time!

Providing end-to-end custom Software Application Development; initial use case analysis through post-implementation application support, we ensure use of best technologies and practices to complete projects in the shortest time, yet deliver work of the highest quality.

Our developers have extensive experience in:

  1. Windows server and desktop and Web applications
  2. C#, Visual Basic, .NET, Java, Python
  3. PHP, ASP.NET, HTML5/CSS 3, JQUERY, Javascript, AJAX, JSON
  4. CMS – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla
  5. REST Services, SOAP, WCF services
  6. SQL, MySQL, Postgre SQL
  7. OS: Windows, Linux


Common Reporting Standard, also known as CRS, is a standard on reporting, due diligence and exchange of financial account information developed by OECD working with G20 countries. Cybernaptics has developed an online CRS platform based on the technical standards and guidelines published by competent authorities. This platform allows companies, who need to submit CRS reports, to use a user friendly web based application which generates the XML CRS report ready for submission.


Having previously developed a web based Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) reporting system, we are pleased to enrich our service offering with CRS. Should have a need for FATCA and/or CRS reporting software system, please get in touch with our sales team ([email protected]) or call us on 206 3950.